Our Management Team

HPM’s Management Team comprises of industry leaders and visionaries leading the company’s activities towards milestones in quality and growth. With emphasis on: technological growth, relationship building, and utilizing opportunities, they strive to elevate HPM’s scope of business to new heights and horizons.

Shri Ashok Aggarwal

Mr. Ashok Aggarwal, the chairman of HPM is a dynamic and an adept entrepreneur. As a distinguished and an acclaimed agro-manufacturer, his vision and conviction has steered and guided the philosophy and mission at HPM.Mr. Ashok graduated in commerce and stepped into his family business in 1975. Today he owns and manages several production outlets showcasing innovative and premium products for distinctive crop growth experience in India and abroad.

His recent venture into the finest and pioneer chain of agro-chemical and crop protection products has blazed a trail of miraculous distinction and modernity in farming practices.
HPM, in its entirety and grandeur, is a reflection of the entrepreneurship and pace that Mr. Ashok reflects. His business strategies and professional expertise has set a benchmark and is widely revered and recognized. He has been conferred with several distinctive awards and recognitions including the prestigious ‘BhartiyaUdyogRatna’ from Indian Economic Development and Research Association in 2005.
He continues to steer and guide his team towards constant resilience and effective practices.

Tapasya Goel
Executive Director

Tapasya Goel is a vibrant and a dynamic face of HPM. She is a passionate and an experienced entrepreneur who believes in ardent desire to make a meaningful difference to HPM Ltd and scale it to new heights. Driven by this passion, she brings in a wide array of experience from diverse sectors. From a knack in interiors to jewelry designing, she has managed to flair extensively in whatever capacity she has been entrusted with.

Message from Executive Director

One would find Tapasya as constructively dissatisfied and on a persistent quest to improve and innovate. Her extensively organized work practices ensure proficiency in all her endeavors. Her journey at HPM displays deep rooted belief and conviction in ethics and values. In a short span of few years she has personally championed and managed several change initiatives to transform HPM into a pulsating community.
Known for her philanthropy, Tapasya is associated with several social organizations for welfare work. A second-generation entrepreneur, she provides strategic direction to all entities under the HPM umbrella.

Shri G.R. Aggarwal

With more than two decades of experience at HPM, Mr. G. R. Aggarwal has played a pivotal role in the company’s success. His administrative acumen and managerial skills have made worthy contributions to the manufacturing practices at HPM.

His journey at HPM started in 2005 and since then he has set high standards for excellence and diligence in all his endeavors. He has a vast experience and expertise in leading a large team of people along with management capability and ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

HPM has been a leading name in agro-chemical verticals. Over the years we have received numerous awards and recognitions for the excellent and foremost standards of services offered by us. These awards resonate and re-affirm the deeply rooted vision and philosophy that governs our practices at HPM.

Our philanthropic endeavors have been widely recognized and accepted. Our motto of yielding prosperity for all our stakeholders has steered our way through umpteen hardships and turmoil that shook us through our journey.

Listed are few glimpses of the honors bestowed on us…

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