Aasra (A Silicon Based Super Spreader)

Aasra is a unique new generation worldwide spray booster and activator which make the agrochemicals such as Insecticide, Fungicide, Herbicide, Plant Growth Regulator, Fertilizer and Micronutrient perform better.

Directions for use: It is mandate to follow the instruction on labels of all agrochemicals for filling the spray tank, and fill water volume to only 90% than add Aasra thoroughly, and then add the remaining water.

  • Aasra is a unique new generation spray booster and activator, having novel technology to farming community of India which makes the agrochemicals (Insecticide, Fungicide, Herbicide, Plant Growth Regulator, Fertilizer and Micronutrient) performs better.
  • Aasra solution spreads quickly, and provides enhanced spreading of agrochemicals on the leaf surfaces and leads to better spray coverage, which improves the efficacy of the agrochemical used.
  • It is when added to spray water tank lowers the tension of spray water on leaf surface, which promotes the better spreading and penetration of Agro product.
  • Aasra is compatible with most agrochemical formulations and can be used on a wide variety of crops.
  • It has improved deposition of the agro product which enhances its coverage and retention on foliage. It ensures the solution doesn't wash off even after immediate rain.
  • Aasra is designed in such a way that it ensures proper wetting of leaf surface, which makes the pesticide or agro product uptake and absorption rapidly by the plant.
  • It ensures the proper penetration of the agrochemical product into the plant by reducing the droplet sizes of the spray
  • It is suggested to uses Aasra with agrochemicals at 0.025%-0.1% dose. General recommendation is 5 ml/ 15 lit. of water.