Organic Fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers are essential for healthy growth of crops and enhancing agriculture productivity. The organic fertilizer industry in India presents one of the most energy intensive sector within the Indian economy and is therefore of particular interest in the context of both local & global environmental discussions.

HPM group of companies have emerged as a major supplier among the fertilizer companies in india. HPM is a Government enrolled authorized importer and marketer of Phosphate and Potash fertilizers under Nutrient Based Subsidy (NBS) Scheme. At present, the company helps farmers in getting P&K fertilizers and other nutrients. HPM is procuring the fertilizer from trusted international suppliers and supplying to farmers in India under HPM’s brand “SUKHIYA”.

Having contributed to the growth of agriculture sector among agrochemical companies in india during the past 35yrs ; HPM is now embarking upon fertilizers business. With a team of highly qualified personnel with rich experience in fertilizer industry have been inducted in to the company to steer the above business plan.

In addition to essential major plant nutrients, HPM also manufacture/ imports and supplies Micronutrients, Water soluble Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizers, Growth Promoters, Zinc Sulphate, Bentonite Sulphur etc for improving quality and enhancing productivity of agriculture produce.


Organic Fertilizer

HPM’s, Organic Fertilizer in India, products are packaged and made
available to farmers under the following brands:

  • Sukhiya DAP
  • Sukhiya Maharaj
  • Sukhiya Natraj
  • Heera Plus
  • Heera Moti
  • Heera 303
  • Heera Zinc