Corporate Governance

HPM believes that other than the quantifiable elements like technological approach, product quality, market performance etc., trust and integrity are two important factors leading to success of an organization. HPM’s Corporate Governance policies pay strong attention to these two factors and are in-line with global best followed practices.

The following points outline the HPM’s Corporate Governance Policies:

  • Transparent management and monitoring process with responsibility in a value driven manner.
  • Sustainable, efficient and methodical approach to conducting business.
  • Long standing growth for all stake holders, including customers and partners.
  • Commitments to ethics and values that collaborate to progress and well-being of society.
  • Strict adherence to the above mentioned guidelines in all its operational processes, business decisions and thought processes.
HPM’s Chairman himself endorses a complied document of Quality, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety Policy. This directs the daily functions of the company through a well-established framework named, Integrated Management System (IMS).

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

HPM is committed to maintain its responsible and sustainable reputation and therefore, its approach to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is to look beyond business and make positive contribution to its employees, local communities, environment, country and society as a whole.

Pledged to keep operating with integrity, every effort is made to ensure that the company’s success is also beneficial to the society. This is evident in a directly proportional relationship between its growth and increase in its CSR activities.

The company aims at nurturing and maintaining a healthy rapport with domiciles around its industrial units. For this, the management organizes several projects from time to time.

  • Project Green world- This project is dedicated to plant more and more trees to restore environment, increase food- security, and to develop a sustainable future. Initiating the campaigns of sapling plantation, the project members spread awareness among the residents on the need of a greener world.
  • Health is Wealth- Adhering to the concept of Health is Wealth, several health checkup camps are organized in the rural sectors and factory vicinity. Free medical advices and medicines are distributed for social welfare.
  • Literacy, the step to global development- HPM’s approach to literacy is not confined to children, but is open for people of any age group who are yet to be enlightened with education and literacy. Frequent campaigns are held from time to time across India, the motive being to impart education and increase literacy.
  • Awareness on agro-chemicals- HPM has taken up the mission of raising public awareness on safe use of agro-chemicals and integrated pest management.
  • Rural Sanitation- Cleanliness is next to Godliness, is a well-known proverb. HPM organizes several rural sanitation campaigns for the domiciles around the industrial provinces across India.