HPM is a notable face in various worldwide agrobusiness stages. HPM manufactures highly-innovative technicals while maintaining its agility as a global and values-based agrochemical leader. It has expanded its business in various remote regions with all around recognized customers for technical products just as foemulation products. The excellent quality products help HPM to keep up its solid system with enhanced customers through ages. HPM is manufacturing around 24 superior technicals in its vigorous assembling offices alongside various modified definition of them in solo just as in blend to meet the worldwide prerequisite.

Different sorts of yield assurance synthetic compounds are in customary creation with extraordinary accentuation on Herbicides. Some major technicals are being Acephate, Acetamiprid, Chlorpyriphos, Cypermethrin, Clodinafop Propargyl, Deltamethrin, Diafenthiuron, Glyphosate, Hexaconzole, imidacloprid, Pretilachlor, Mancozeb, Metsulfuron Methyl, Paraquat Dichloride, Sulfosulfuron and Thiamethoxam. HPM bolsters UN affirmed redid bundling according to bringing in nation necessity. Every one of these technicals are bolstered with nation explicit OECD-GLP information and very much arranged dossiers to go through worldwide enlistment in ASEAN, Australia, Middle East, LATAM and Africa.

HPM is likewise supporting the distinctive companies to its next neighbors in Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan with most aggressive specialized . what's more, detailing items and some sort of innovation move in a "Develop TOGETHER" demonstrate. HPM routinely takes part in various worldwide harvest security presentations to meet its important customers and to recognize the business criticism. HPM underpins its new customers with expected examples to go through their administrative framework. HPM gives astounding after-deals benefit which make each arrangement with our customers did effectively. HPM comprehend the worldwide challenge in crop-protection chemical industry. It creates products as a modified arrangement relying upon neighborhood agro-climatic conditions in its objective customer regions. Very much prepared R&D office, experienced and proficient Product Development and Registration group of scholarly people are filling in as a solid spine at HPM to achieve the edge of competitiveness in worldwide field.


The increased globalization has widened the reach of Indian agro industry in the international arena. HPM has a well-defined unit of R & D to gain competitive edge over its diverse international frontiers. We make extensive use of IT innovations to harness the market abroad. Our sizeable international operations have made us significant international players in agro chemical industry. Our international trading involves countless research driven products.
As one of the foremost pesticide manufacturer our presence is widely marked in 10 countries across 3 continents and is ever widening. We offer more than 100 formulations and combinations globally. Formulations like EC, SL, SC, WG, SP, WP, FS, WS, CS, SG, GR, ULV, EW, ME etc. are rendered with several UN approved packaging for consumer and bulk use.

Our geographical frontiers are continuously expanding and we are looking forward to the extension in global borders.

Some of the vitall and scapes of our international ventures include the listed:

  • 40 years of Involvement in producing Crop Protection Technicals& Formulations
  • International standard and environment responsive products
  • Wide-ranging products
  • Robust registration support with GLP and Non GLP data packages
  • SGS & ISO Certificates.
  • Expanded Partnerships for entering novel markets across the globe
  • Dynamic Marketing & steadfast professional team working towards improved competence
  • Devoted Supply chain segment for safe and prompt deliveries