As one of the leading agri-input compainies in India, we are striving to deliver value to farmers, and to our partner companies. We offer the widest range of agro chemical technicals of high quality and environment friendly products. HPM is therefore not just the source of happiness for farmers but also, the seed of successful growth stories.

Our Technical List :

Technicals CAS No Packing MSDS
Acephate 30560-19-1 25 Kgs HDPE Bags
Bifenthrin 82657-04-3 25 Kg LDPE Bags/Fiber Drum
Diafenthiuron 80060-09-9 25,50,100 Kg LDPE Bags/Fiber Drum
Imidacloprid Tech. 138261-41-3 25 Kgs HDPE Bags / Fiber Drum
Lambdacyhalothrin Tech. 91465-08-6 210 Kgs MS Drums
Thiamethoxam Tech. 153719-23-4 25 Kgs HDPE Bags / Fiber Drum
Butachlor 23184-66-9 200 Kg MS Drums
Clodinafop Propargyl Tech. 105512-06-9 25 Kgs HDPE Bags / Fiber Drum
Cloquintocetmexyl 99607-70-2 25 Kgs LDPE Bags / Fiber Drum
Glyphosate Tech. 1071-83-6 25 Kgs Laminated Bags
Metsulfuron Methyl Tech. 74223-64-6 25 Kgs Fiber Drums
Pretilachlor Tech. 51218-49-6 210 Kgs MS Drums
Sulfosulfuron Tech. 141776-32-1 25 Kgs HDPE Bags / Fiber Drum