" Family is like branches on a tree we grow in different directions yet roots remain as one"

A person without family is not complete in this world because family is an integral part of all of us. Family is the great part of our life. We are incomplete without the family. Family plays a significant role in our life.

A family is like a tree, there are many stems in the tree. Same as our life, there are so many relations in a family such as our parents, our siblings, are living together. We become the happier person, and we have not any tension about anything, just because of the family behind us. It plays many important roles throughout the life. A lot happens within our environment. It may be hard to believe but yet true that the there are many children they don't have any family. They have no parents who can understand their grief , they have no siblings who can play with them . Their lives are full with challenges and hurdles. These children suffer a lot . It is very sad and painful to see them in such type of condition.

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HPM has been an early adopter of a strong CSR agenda. HPM has had many different CSR, which proves to be a massive crowd puller & is of great initiative. All tasks are arranged in a participatory way, in counsel with the group, truly sitting with them, and checking their fundamental needs.

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Along with sustained economic performance and robust eco-sustainability management, we believe in the importance of social stewardship. We embrace responsibility to create a positive impact in the communities in which we work and live. Now it's time to do something very important for orphans. A desire is growing in us to do something to help these Orphan children.

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To bring hope to the Orphans by providing food, shelter, medical care, educational assistance, adoption advocacy and more in a manner that breaks the cycle of dependence and promotes individual and societal productivity as well as charitable character within the community.

Mrs. Tapasya Goel, Executive Director of HPM . She is an energetic and a dynamic face of the organization. Time to time she runs company's social projects on a solid establishment of moral standards, great administration and sound administration. She has planned and hosted many CSR activities . Now she doing an extra-ordinary work for orphans for their betterment, she adopted 9 girls child from SOS Children’s Villages of India (Bawana, Delhi). She took the responsibility of their education and bright future. She has also distributed note book, water bottle ,Tiffin Box for 9 girls and 150 water bottles for rest children and on the behalf of the HPM company she has also donated the great amount of Rs.97,200 for the education of these girls . A Small step with deep thought has been taken to make their future bright and secure.

SOS Children’s Villages of India is a NGO committed to the care of once parentless and vulnerable children and to strengthening families and communities as a preventive measure in the fight against abandonment and social neglect. The mission of the SOS Children’s Villages of India is to build families for children without parental care so that they grow up with love, respect & security. The Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) is a preventive community intervention programme aimed at preventing the abandonment of children in close vicinity of the village. Since its inception in the year 1964, SOS Children’s Villages of India has expanded its work for children in need at a rapid pace. It is spread across India in 22 states with 33 Children’s Villages. It is the first Child Care NGO in India to obtain CRISIL Ratings for strong delivery capability and high financial proficiency. Currently we are reaching out to 24,000 children across the country.

Now we’re on a mission to make sure every orphan child knows they are loved, that they matter, and that they have incredible potential.

SOS Children’s Villages of India