Seamlessly transform client-centric query and progressive data-base. Professionally calliberated cutting-edge outsourcing


Dynamically updated our SAP-HANA servers that performs well 24X7.


Innovations in SAP Technology not only organizes our Accounting Department but also eases overall Agricultural processes.


Authoratively sythesized algorithm of our newly updated servers that gives gauranteed stable business for our customers

Information Technology

We at HPM believe in timely deliverables with high accuracy. In a digitized world, Our company is connected with every part of their supply chain – up to small scale distributors to large scale global suppliers.



Every market participant and every machine is connected, disrupting established rules in our agribusiness.

    Connectivity drives the movement of goods, services, people, knowledge, and wealth. Hpm's connectivity also reaches foreign countries where agribusiness often contributes a significant share of the GDP.


HPM's Digital agribusiness creates a huge amount of data; crop, stock, warehouse status, and processes that are constantly observed with SAP HANA.

    Our IT Profesionals are streaming real-time market data around the world, making supply and demand more transparent than ever before. Analyzing this data, drawing the right conclusions, making the right decisions, and executing on them are key to mastering our Agro-digital shakeup.


Our association with SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that let us accelerate business processes, deliver more business intelligence, and simplify our IT management environment.

    By providing the foundation for all our data needs, SAP HANA removes the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems and irrelevant data, so we can run live and make better business decisions in the new digital economy.

HPM has sucessfully migrated to SAP HANA

High End Infrastructure

At HPM, we have applied a leading-edge Information technology infrastructure, featured with futuristic scalability. Our IT infrastructure comprises of ultra fast servers, advance networking equipment, software and state of the art SAP-HANA. Our tech savvy staff further complements the efficiency and accuracy of our IT Infrastructure.


At HPM we have deployed SAP FIORI applications. SAP Fiori is the latest evolution of the user experience for SAP HANA. It is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. It applies modern design principles for a completely reimagined user experience. SAP Fiori UX represents a personalized, responsive, and simple user experience across devices and deployment options. The user-centered design concept focuses on the way employees work and offers a variety of business benefits:

  • Increased productivity – faster and direct access to relevant information and applications
  • Transparency on items needing your attention – timely notifications
  • Helps users decide what needs to be done next
  • Allows users to take quick and informed actions Increased user satisfaction With integration of SAP FIORI, we can better manage the working of SAP HANA by providing cutting edge reports, professional dashboards with drill down approach to retrieve information at micro level.

Information Security

HPM is equipped with high end security firewalls that safeguard each and every bit of information. Our servers bear security measures that prevents any unauthorized access. Any physical approach to the servers are strictly prohibited. With the implementation of security firewalls, one has to undergo relevant security measures to connect to our servers. The firewalls are constantly monitored for any unauthorized access internally or externally. We have implemented IDP and IPS that help us to mitigate chances of any information breach.

Helpdesk Services

At HPM IT department, we regard our users as our customers, hence we are committed to provide best services with minimal time. We have dedicated Helpdesk Services website that cater need for any support required by our users. The SLA are aligned with support and timely resolution of query/issue is maintained. Each user is informed about its ticket and SLA provided. The tickets are regularly reviewed for the solution provided. An escalated authority is always present and reviews the quality of support provided.

SMS Servers

We have implemented an SMS server that sends messages of account details to the respective stakeholder’s registered mobile devices. Moreover, to ensure seamless connectivity, the updated Network facilities control the complete system and support operations 24 X 7.


Continuous real time support is provided for Hardware, Network Administration, Software Services and System Administration. The support network caters to Corporate Offices, Regional Offices, Production Plants Sales Offices and Warehouses. We have collaborated with highly professional colocation partners that provide 24x7 uptime services.

Reviews and Upscaling

Our IT infrastructure capabilities are reviewed and up-scaled on a constant basis to ensure that they meet the changing and evolving requirements of our operational processes. Mandatory IT assessment schedules are followed to ensure that the IT infrastructure is always up-to date and meets the organizations requirements.

Transform Database Management

HPM has Simplified operations using a single copy of our enterprise data and a secure modern data platform.

Process Data In-Memory

We Process transactions and analytics data wherever it resides using data virtualization, integration or replication.

Leverage Advanced Analytics

Leveraging advanced data processing engines for our agro-business, turnover graph and product series data.


Mr. Jasbir heads all the IT department of the HPM India, He is responsible for the successful implementation of the SAP protocols towards better reports generations & providing of information on the real time basis. His networking has helped us secure better firewalls across all our offices in India & he is continuously been working towards achieving the greater good with the team.