HPM has always indulged itself in the processes related to the social, economical & environment viabilities. The company has had many different CSR, which proves to be a massive croud puller & is of great intiative. All tasks are arranged in a participatory way, in counsel with the group, truly sitting with them, and checking their fundamental needs. HPM took plan of action for the cure of " rural communities " which is a mapping procedure. Along these lines, in view of an accord and in exchange with the rustic groups, organization organize prerequisites. Also, along these lines a task is conceived. Usage is the obligation of the group and our group, just like the observing of turning points and alternate viewpoints. Observing involves physical confirmation of the advance and the real yield of the venture. Town gatherings are held occasionally to inspire input on the advantages of our group programs and the regions where these should be augmented. HPM tries and guarantees that while in the transient organization needs to do colossal hand-holding, the undertakings wind up practical by the recipients as time goes on. When this stage is achieved, we pull back. Along these lines we don't fabricate a culture of reliance, rather we make the people self-reliant.