HPM believes that for a strong corporate culture, the most significant factor is- “Freedom of Thoughts”. The company respects individuality and allows sharing of thoughts and analyzes their adaptability. It keeps the team focused and moving forward with purpose, against all odds, leading the company towards constant growth. A promising environment is established to encourage learning and to groom leadership qualities.

HPM also sticks to another important concept- Diversity without Fragmentation. Irrespective of belonging to diverse designations and skills, here the spirit of unity doesn’t fear a split. It’s the joint effort of different teams that sets the value high and keeps actions and conduct aligned to the vision of the company. HPM takes pride in its spirited team of 1000 employees and increasing, who have brought with them a wealth of expertise, experience and technical know-how, and a constant zeal to learn. Here, employees are always wide and awake to satisfy the queries and probes of customers and partners alike.

Life @ HPM

Life at HPM represents zeal, enthusiasm and oneness. The attitude of the employees spread in its nation-wide branches, largely depicts the social and secular structure of India. It’s an association of smart and talented people from diverse backgrounds working towards a common set of goals.

At HPM, with dedication and performance, there resides the spirit of enjoyment, fun-n-frolic without effecting the company’s productivity and business. To help employees socialize and take a break from the usual work life, the company organizes:
  • Celebration of several festivals including a grand celebration of the Annual Day.
  • Various corporate excursions to keep their employees energetic and full of life.
  • Corporate trainings to keep the employees updated with frequently evolving technologies.

When it comes to employee welfare and perks, HPM provides everything that is expected from a company of its standing. The benefits provided span from health insurance, retirement benefits, bonuses, incentives, and more to satisfy employee expectations. Besides, the company has a genuinely dedicated and disciplined work environment - a platform promoting success and growth.