Nandbaba Temple -Visit

The royal palace of Nanda Maharaj, is situated in Nandagaon. Nandgaon is located about 8.5 km to the north of Barsana. Nandgaon is located about 50 Kms on the north west of Mathura. Lord Shiva pleased his worshipful deity Shri Krishna and asked for the boon to have darshan of his childhood pastimes. Shri Krishn pleased with him and asked him to situate himself in Nandagaon in the form of a hill. Lord Shiva became Nandeshwar Hill at Nandgaon. Nandbaba's Palace is located at Nandeshwar Hill.

Here, Mother Yashoda, Father Nandbaba and Krishnam Baldev performed many of Their childhood, boyhood and youth pastimes. Every day, Mother Yashoda used to decorate Balrama and Krishna in different ways. Shri Krishn and Balram with Their friends, go to cow grazing daily. Here, Mother Yashoda used to put Radharani on her lap before seeing Her off with tearful eyes.